Interactive Reflexology Workshops

EgyptReflexologyLarge eThe feet are the mirror of the body – there are reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all glands, organs and bodily parts. Often referred to as a science, reflexology was used 5,000 years ago in both Egypt and China. Reflexology allows you to restore and balance the body’s energy flow, thus assisting the body’s self-healing abilities. The sole of your foot is also a reflection of your soul.


  • Relieves stress & tension
  • Cleanses impurities & toxins
  • Improves nerve & blood supply
  • Balances & normales body functions

In this hands-on reflexology workshop, you will discover why reflexology is a vital tool in this modern age, and learn to work the feet. Each week we will focus on one area, so you can improve your nervous system, endocrine system and mental health by stimulating certain reflexology points.

Participants will have the opportunity to pair up and experience giving and receiving reflexology. You will learn techniques that you can take back home to your family and friends.

Sidonie Bouchet is a fully qualified Reflexologist since 2000. She also offers Colour Therapy, Spiritual (& Galactic) Guidance & Soul Retrieval Sessions.


When: Wednesdays at 11am, commencing Wednesday April 22

Where: Earth Room at Lift, 926 Maleny-Montville Rd, Maleny Qld Australia

Cost: FREE introductory Reflexology class on Wednesday April 22

8-WEEK one-hour Reflexology workshop April 29 – Jun 17 – $80

Bookings: Lift – (07) 5435 2302 or email

Lift Up in 2015

Lift Gallery sole to soul I am delighted to inform you that I am offering

Colour Therapy . Spiritual Guidance . Soul Retrieval . Reflexology

healing sessions at Lift Therapy Centre this year.

This beautiful spiritual art gallery is situated in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Lift offers a place of elevated consciousness. A place to experience colour, art and sound that enhances and enlivens our daily experience.

926 Maleny-Montville Road, Balmoral 4552

Queensland, Australia

Phone: 07 5435 2303

For further information, visit Lift website

or email me at

~ Sidonie Bouchetmerkabah e


Conscious Life Festival 2014

CLF 2014

Hand Reflexology with Sidonie Bouchet

Sunday 3rd August at 11.45am

Join me at Conscious Life Festival for this hands-on reflexology workshop. Discover what your hands are telling you about your body. Learn how to stimulate the reflex areas of your hands. Take home a hand chart which you’ll be able to use in your everyday life.

Reflexology is a vital tool in this modern age. It relieves stress and tension, cleanses impurities and toxins, improves nerve and blood supply, and balances and normalises body functions. Reflexology allows you to restore and balance the body’s energy flow, thus assisting the body’s self-healing abilities.

The Sacred Twin Flame

Article published in Brisbane’s Westender

November 28, 2013 in 1312, Print edition, Soul Sex, Wellness by Sidonie Bouchet

Soul partner painting

Some of you might be familiar with the concept of twin flame. Some of you might believe you have a twin flame. And some of you might even be holding off on a relationship unless it is with your twin flame.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, basically a twin flame is your other half, your ultimate beloved, you true love.

Anyway after much soul searching, I have discovered that putting on hold my life for my twin flame is ridiculous, and that actually it is not my destiny here on Earth. Yes, it is true that reuniting with him will be blissful, but what does one do if their soul contract means reunification in another dimension?

I decided to share my discovery on my facebook page Soul Sex. “It is true that we seek reunion with our true twin flame, but whilst on Earth we are here to exchange DNA with others. Enjoy the process, rather than pining for your beloved, with whom you will reconnect for eternity anyway,” I wrote.

Accompanied by a stunning photo, it began to be shared profusely on social media, and the initial comments were in total agreement. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with,” said one man. “Non-exclusive is what Divine Source is, so we are too… that is our true nature,” added a woman.

But then the opposition began, “No thanks. Fidelity is fine. Patience is a virtue,” politely remarked one woman. “For yourselves. I’d rather stay separate for now,” said another woman. “She is right!!! I’d rather wait,” agreed a man. Maybe these two are twin flames, I wondered, but I had to ask myself will they find one another?

“How boring!!!..I would rather wait for my twin flame..,” said a lady. Boring? What could be more boring than waiting and longing for something that’s not in the now. “Not once you connect with your twin. Nothing else comes close,” added another.

“I don’t like being asked to sleep around. I’m not a whore,” said one woman. I tried reassuring her with, “This is not about infidelity or promiscuity. This is about honouring every step of your journey back to oneness.”

Some began to share their twin flame experiences after a man asked, “How do you know if someone is your twin flame?” “You will KNOW,” responded a woman. “Holding to limitation is not advisable. Perhaps there was a time when twin-flame union was everything, now we have a grand new opportunity – embrace it,” said one wise woman. “It is a timely reminder for me, after being lovesick all day. Pining. Tomorrow I will continue on my path,” said one brave man. “Still water grows stagnant after a while,” explained yet another man.

More comments came in: “well said!”, “These words are so true. Thank you for sharing the validation.” “Very True”, “yes TRUTH thank you…. it is such a wide truth in the perspective you offer to all of us.”

“I haven’t heard of twin flames before…hmm, new thought process to process ; ) Is it the same as a soulmate?,” asked a woman. “A twin flame is like your other half, a soul mate is a karmic partner,” I explained. “Thank you for the reply, guess I still have a lot of learning to do before I am ready,”  she answered with a winking smile.

“Soul mates, soul lovers, soul fragments, twin flames… some souls split like cells over the eons… gets kinda complicated once you read some esoteric cosmology. Love the pic. The quote is the most retarded thing I think I’ve ever read. My God… Guess that woman with 10 kids and 10 partners is perfectly following her appointed divine purpose. Well done! *Pukes*,” said the grumpy man.

“You’ re right – by exchanging DNA a NEW individual is born!! What a beautiful way to think of it! I have one such exchange, not with a soul mate or twin flame and yes I pine. I needed this message- thank you !” “Exactly the truth Soul Sex, too many people forget what it means to be human. It’s about sharing love, not f*cking everything you see but choosing those special people that are not always a twin flame.”

“I must disagree with you Sidonie this time, I’m not here to exchange DNA,” said one woman. You might want to rethink this post,” offered another.

Well this has triggered quite a few people indeed. Funnily, there would have been a time when it would have triggered me too. Blessings to all, wherever you are on your journey. Ultimately there is no separation. We are all One.

Sidonie Bouchet, author of Alleluia, is the founder of the facebook page Soul Sex. She offers online spiritual mentoring sessions to help you reclaim fragmented aspects of yourself. You can contact her at

The Banished Breasts

As my facebook page Soul Sex grows beyond 200,000 so do my issues.

This morning I was greeted with another message from facebook headquarters, “If you or any of the other Page admins continue to post things that violate our Community Standards, Soul Sex may be unpublished. Please review your account and remove anything that violates our policies.”

This time the image is from Dimitry Laudin. Here is the offending post:

Artist Dimitry Laudin

When I'm feeling lack, 
I need to reach deep within me to access that infinite light.

 Sidonie Bouchet © 2012

Facebook, I admire your endeavour to clean up your social media site, but could you please ensure the real pornography is removed, because soul-less sex really offends me.

– Sidonie Bouchet, December 1, 2013




Nudity & Purity in 2013

I started this year with the wish, “May nudity return to purity in 2013″, and if my recent facebook ban is anything to go by, it seems that it is not yet the case.

I posted a beautiful photo of a sculpture of an indigenous woman by Jayne Skipper three days ago, and within hours received a message from facebook informing me it violated facebook policies, and that I am consequently blocked from posting for 30 days.

Indigenous Woman - Jayne Skipper

"BE, I thought. Because, I sought.
I knew that when I could actually be, I was at my ultimate."
Sidonie Bouchet - Alleluia

Jayne Skipper 2 e censored

I  was referred to Facebook’s Community Standards, and assume it belongs in the Nudity and Pornography section – “Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved. We also impose limitations on the display of nudity. We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo’s David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.”

After reading the above, I have to admit I was unclear exactly what I had breached, especially the latter part regarding facebook’s aspiration.

I wondered whether it was a racial issue perhaps, because let’s face it an aboriginal woman wearing a shirt to go out gathering seems somewhat strange. I also asked myself whether it would have been pulled off if she had had pert youthful breasts, as I have regularly witnessed far more sexually explicit content and nudity of the perfect body on facebook.

Whatever the reason behind this ban, it is very apparent that as a society we still have a long way to go before we return to the purity of nudity in the Garden of Eden.

– Sidonie Bouchet, November 30, 2013




Inspiring Conscious Living, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Join us on blogtalkradio
Sunday September 1, 2013 at 8pm (Australian EST)

Carmen Wyld Inspiring Conscious Living

Sidonie Bouchet

Carmen Wyld interviews Sidonie Bouchet
about her newly released book Alleluia.

alleluia-3d grey

Dedicated to all those who have given up hope,
Alleluia is a spiritual journey from the darkness into the light.

Listen in to find out more…

Inspiring Conscious Living blogtalkradio interview with Sidonie Bouchet

“Wow – What a Fantastic Interview!
It was so Playful, Joyous, Clear & Informative – Bravo!”
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